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Kyoto Sakagurakan Bettei, which opened in December 2023, is located in a building which was designated as an Important Cultural Property and boasts a history of over 250 years as the founding site of the historic Kyoto sake brewery "Kinkisesshu".

Among all the distinguished sake brewing regions in Japan, Fushimi in Kyoto, where the brewery is situated, is often referred to as a sacred place of sake due to its historical significance and scale of production.
Sake made in Fushimi has been refined over the years to complement Kyoto cuisine served to the Imperial family and aristocrats. It is also known as "Onna-zake" or women's sake, as it is characterized by its sweet and soft taste.

Under the concept and theme of "Explore Kyoto sake breweries from the comfort of your home," Kyoto Sakagurakan Bettei offers a selection of exquisite sake from 30 breweries based in Kyoto Prefecture. Additionally, it emphasizes seasonal Kyoto cuisine, focusing on carefully crafted dishes and meals which use dashi (broth) to complement the selected sake.

烏丸 朝食セット

A Special Breakfast

The abundant water from the natural well in the garden on the premises, known as "Momoi-no-I", is listed as one of the three famous waters of Kyoto, along with "Some-I" at the Nishiki Shrine. It is said that they both come from the same underground water vein.

Sake has been crafted using this soft water over the ages.
Not only is this water used in the making of Sake, but it is also used to cook the special rice grown by specially contracted farms, which is then served in clay pots to guests.

Please enjoy a breakfast like no other and a dining experience which cannot be tasted elsewhere, made possible by using this world-renowned water.

Enjoying the Atmosphere, Food, and Sake.

Kyoto Sakagurakan Bettei, designated as an Important Cultural Property, preserves the charm of the ancient capital while incorporating comfort and modernity into its facility.
We welcome you with long counters and table seats where you can enjoy Kyoto's sake to the fullest, as well as private rooms with tatami mats and other private rooms which utilize the brewery itself into its atmosphere.
We offer breakfast until late morning as well as a brunch option, and a comfortable space to enjoy sake and meals in the evening in true relaxation and leisure.

Kyoto Sakagurakan Bettei

烏丸 京都酒蔵館別邸
Address 172 Kameyacho, Nijyo-Agaru, Sakaimachidori, Nakagyoku, Kyoto 〒604 0811
Access 9 minute walk from 7th Exit of Marutamachi Station of Kyoto City Subway-Karasuma Line.
7 minute walk from 1st Exit of Karasuma Oike Station of Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line.
Closed Wednesdays (Open if a public holiday and closed the following day)
Business Hours Breakfast: From 7:00 to 14:30 (Last order at 14:00)
Dinner : From 17:00 to 22:00 (Last order at 21:30)
Seating Total of 80 seats
Counter seating: 18 seats
Table Seating: 32 seats
Private Room: 4 Rooms for 6 to 8 guests each